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  • Tapioca Pearls For Bubble Tea, Brown Sugar Boba Balls, Comes With Reusable Straws, Ready in 20 Minutes Made in Taiwan 10…

    LET US BRING A LITTLE TAIWAN TO YOU! Our chewy pearls have been made with the freshest ingredients from Taiwan, where the bubble tea craze began. We love China, however, please be careful if you are buying edible products from China as health standards are not as strict as Taiwan or the US.
    ZIP-LOCK FRESHNESS – We have put our delicious pearls in a zip-lock stand-up pouch so they will maintain their freshness and you can easily store them in your kitchen. You will taste a subtle brown sugar flavor in the pearls, however, we highly recommend you add brown sugar or simple syrup at step 6 in the instructions.
    SLOWLY SIP ON YOUR BUBBLE TEA – If you are chewing boba, you need straws! We have conveniently bundled two reusable straws with our boba for you to enjoy. We have also packed a straw cleaner to make the cleaning process a little easier.